Good posture – it’s worth making a stand for!

Do you remember all those times your mum or school teacher told you to sit up straight? Guess what – they were right. Almost. On this page we talk about the benefits of good posture, show you some bad postures to look for and highlight how chiropractic may help improve or correct your posture.

It’s fantastic to be posture aware, to sit up straight and hold yourself in a balanced way. However, for many people this proves to be a challenge. Underlying structural issues such as spinal misalignments, muscle tightness and injury may prevent you from ever having good posture.


Good posture is very important as it keeps you tall, healthy and working properly. A good, strong posture is structured with the head aligned directly over the shoulders (you should be able to draw a vertical line connecting your ears to the middle of your shoulders), the shoulders directly aligned over the hips and the hips directly over the ankles.

This is the strongest alignment possible and is fundamental to great health and well being. Any variation away from this weakens your structure and may lead to musculoskeletal problems.


Sway back, lumbar lordosis, thoracic kyphosis and forward head posture. All of these bad postures come with their own biostrucutral problems and require attention to correct.

Commonly experienced health problems due to poor posture include: back pain, hip pain, knee pain, headaches and migraines, reduction in vital organ function, overly tight muscles in some areas, weak muscles in some areas, muscle strain, irritability and general feelings of discomfort.

We want you to live life with good posture and to minimise any negative health side effects that come with poor postures.

The team here at The Back Clinic can provide you with a posture and spine checkup and may work with you to improve and correct your posture. If you are concerned about posture or back pain while pregnant, get in touch with Dr. Alissar Ayouby (Chiropractor) today.


Assess your posture today – start with a complimentary consultation today

Our team at The Back Clinic can provide you with a posture checkup and assessment.

Your Posture Consultation:

  • Full Chiropractic examination and assessment
  • X-rays, if required
  • A complete Report of Findings and Diagnosis on your second visit, covering posture correction options

There is no obligation to follow through with treatment. We’re placing the decision to improve your health in your hands – we’re here to assist you and to provide treatment as you wish.