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Headaches and Migraine Pain

Can Chiropractors Help With and Headache Pain?

Do you suffer from headache and migraine pain? If you're looking for more information on your headache and migraine pain, please read on.


Pain experienced during a headache is nature’s warning signal that something is wrong, like a fire alarm signalling danger. Consider this: would routinely taking a headache tablet for persistant headache pain ever address the cause of your headaches or just mask the symptoms?

Around 20% of the population suffer from chronic hedache pain (Bryans).  Studies suggests that chiropractic care, including chiropractic adjustments, improve some migraine and cervicogenic headaches (Bryans et al.). 


Common Types of Headache Pain

There are many types of headaches. Here are the most common that we see:

  • Tension headaches
  • Cervicogenic (neck) headaches
  • Migraine headaches

Some types of headache pain can be caused by muscle strains and tension in the neck, whereas others may be caused by postural concerns. Both of these causes can commonly be addressed by chiropractic care.


Certain types of headaches

Some headaches are considered 'red flags' that may indicate a more sinister concern and should be referred out to a specialist for follow up. Most are less serious and can be helped with a variety of treatment approaches.


Chiropractic Study

Chiropractic may be able to provide relief from certain types of headache pain. 

"In a study conducted at Macquarie University, specific chiropractic adjustments to the spine significantly reduced migraines in 71% of the people surveyed. The frequency, duration, severity and amount of medication all decreased markedly." (Tuchin et al.)


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Your Consultation:

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  • Diagnostic imaging (X-rays, if required)
  • A complete Report of Findings and Diagnosis on your second visit.

You only pay for treatment (chiropractic adjustments) if you decide you want to follow through with the Doctor’s recommendations. We’re placing the decision to improve your health challenge in your hands – we’re here to assist you and to provide appropriate recommendations.


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