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Scoliosis and Chiropractic Care

On this page we'll cover factors that affect scoliosis and highlight how chiropractic may help in scoliosis cases. 

scoliosis and chiropractic

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine curves out of alignment. It can be aquired or congenital and starts with a minor bend that progressively worsens over time. If you're concerned about scoliosis or have noticed imbalances in your posture, please contact The Back Clinic today for a chiropractic checkup.

If scoliosis is diagnosed early on, you may achieve a better chance of correction or preventing further curvature. In some cases, a variety of manual therapy options may be considered to address scoliosis. Surgery may be considered in some more extreme cases.


Factors that Contribute to Scoliosis

The cause of scoliosis has not yet been identified. The following are common factors that may affect scoliosis cases:

  • developmental issues
  • postural imbalances
  • altered knee/hip/back biomechanics
  • injury and trauma

Other health problems associated with scoliosis may be helped by chiropractic care including: back pain, neck pain and some headache pain.


How might Chiropractic help?

Chiropractic care, along with similar manual therapies, may prevent further worsening of the curve. In some cases, partial curve correction has been achieved. Manual therapy may help conditions associated with scoliosis such as sacroiliac dysfunction, nerve pinching, spinal stenosis and flat back.

 If scoliosis is identified early on, you may have a better chance of addressing these issues.


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