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Prenatal and Postnatal Chiropractic Care

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Our professional and highly skilled practitioners can provide you with the care and advice you need during your pre and post natal stages of pregnancy.

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  • Care during pregnancy
  • Improve alignment and posture
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Bankstown: Suite 6, 434 Chapel Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200 (open in Google Maps).

Phone Bankstown: 02 9708 6011


Rockdale: Shop 4/18 Market St, Rockdale 2216 (open in Google Maps).

Phone Rockdale: 02 9592 1282


Prenatal and Postnatal Chiropractors Sydney

At The Back Clinic, we understand that pregnancy is an incredibly transformative process - both mentally and physically.

In addition to the mental preparation that comes with giving birth and raising a baby, your body will also naturally make adjustments as your baby and body grow. Unfortunately, these changes may lead to a range of musculoskeletal health issues, in some cases.

To help you overcome these problems and make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible, our experienced family chiropractors here at The Back Clinic are ready to care for your body with prenatal and postnatal chiropractic care. We have clinics located at both Bankstown and Rockdale, and patients often travel from across Sydney to visit out chiropractors.   


Prenatal Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic care is generally effective in addressing a range of musculoskeletal conditions, including those experienced during pregnancy. According to the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, ‘chiropractic treatment during pregnancy may be a safe and effective means of treating common musculoskeletal symptoms that affect pregnant women’.


What can I expect from a prenatal chiropractor?

Before your care starts, our chiropractors will perform nervous scan systems on your body to get a better idea of what may be going on. When performing chiropractic care on your body, we make sure to treat your body gently and safely by modified techniques, or techniques that are suitable for use during pregnancy.

At The Back Clinic, our prenatal chiropractic care may help in addressing:

  • Back pain: the added pressure to the back (especially the lower back) when carrying a baby often leads to back pain. You may find that chiropractic care for back pain experienced when pregnant may help to balance your pelvis and spine and remove excess pressure from your joints. Find out more about back pain here.

  • Problematic Postures: we use nervous system scans to check your body’s ability to adapt to stress, autonomic nervous system function and your postural efficiency. We also use postural scans to help us identify any biomechanical issues or imbalances.

  • Mental stress: we provide our patients with reading materials and advice to support you during your pregnancy.


Postnatal Chiropractic Adjustment

Our support during your pregnancy continues even after you give birth. To help your body overcome any difficulties experienced while pregnant, our postnatal chiropractors are trained to address a wide range of health complaints.

Postnatal care may include:

  • Postural checks to assess your balance, biomechanics and overall movement and flexibility

  • Gentle treatment to help you recover from musculoskeletal health concerns experienced during pregnancy.

> Find out more about paediatric chiropractic care here


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Our professional and highly skilled practitioners can provide you with the care and advice you need during your pre and post natal stages of pregnancy.

Your team at The Back Clinic invite you to start chiropractic today by booking your first two free consultations now. Your consultation is a great opportunity to discuss your health needs and to ask your questions.


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