Welcome the back clinic your Penshurst family chiropractor. Here at the back clinic we service Penshurst by providing a system that provides cost effective sessions where our qualified chiropractors will make adjustments.

We help people who truly value the quality of their lives, express themselves at their highest given potential through better Health We believe it is every persons purpose to fulfil their given potential in Life

The common side affects of regular chiropractic adjustments is less back pain, improved energy, better health and less headaches.

Through a series of re-evaluations, postural exams, educational programs and Xrays, we will over time be able to closely monitor your progress.

We take our role as your primary health and wellness team very seriously and advocate lifetime care of the spine and nerve system.

To begin your chiropractic health program then call us on 02 9708 6011, we are located near Penshurst.



I’m Doctor Omar Ayouby (Chiropractor) from The Back Clinic.

Welcome to this website. It is designed just for you. You see, I want to figure out if I can help you with chiropractic care, or not. That is my goal because I believe you deserve to live a life free from pain, aches and discomfort.

You may be looking for a chiropractor for a variety of reasons: we all have our own goals.

So before you visit any other clinic, I want to invite you to come down to The Back Clinic and find out why we are different.

You will save money

  • You will save money at The Back Clinic.
  • We don’t charge new patient consultation fees.
  • Your first two visits are complimentary, unlike some other clinics that charge hundreds of dollars.
  • We offer you an affordable alternative: you only pay for treatment.

How much do chiropractors cost?

Many people are worried about going to a chiropractor and being charged hundreds of dollars on their first visit. My clinic is different. We are setup to serve you and your community. Your first two visits are at no charge.

So what are you waiting for?

The best way for you to find out more is to contact me right now. I’m available to answer your questions and my team will provide you with our best recommendations. Located near Penshurst.