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Time and time again people who overcome what would usually hinder a person from achieving greatness break through ‘barriers’. Whatever walk of life they come from, they make us take a look at our own lives and how we can improve ourselves. Let’s learn a bit more about some of Australia’s most inspiring ‘barrier-breakers’! Here are 4 amazing stories for you to enjoy now.

Nick Vujicic – Motivational Speaker

The charisma Nick Vujicic possesses when speaking to crowds across Australia and overseas is truly inspiring. Nick was born with a rare genetic disorder called Phocomelia: a condition in which the hands or feet are attached close to the trunk and the limbs may be underdeveloped or absent. Despite the bullying Nick endured during his time at high school, he did not let his condition make him a bitter man. Rather, he used it to not only transform his life but to touch the lives of hundreds of individuals through his motivational speaking work. From bad experiences came a friend and an empowering light to everyone that Nick met!

Nick may not have limbs, but he is thankful for every single day of his life – something most of us take for granted! His talks will no doubt captivate you, click here to listen to his daily podcast. Image: Facebook.

Jacqueline Freney – Athlete

Winning 8 gold medals in the London 2012 Paralympics, by looking at the young and energetic Jacqueline Freney you may be surprised to learn she has Cerebral Palsy! The 20-year-old Swimmer wants to inspire a future generation of athletes to succeed and win big. Her message is not only resonating with professional atheletes, it is touching aspiring athletes of any age.

A prime example of ‘practice makes perfect’, Freney went on a journey to reach her goal of joining the Paralympic swimming team for the Beijing 2008 Games. Sure enough, she went above and beyond and won 8 gold medals. She is living proof that countless hours of training and dedication, injury, and even a medical condition cannot stop you. Image: Facebook.

Brenden Borellini – Photographer

Having no sound or sight, unleashing creativity seems daunting, but Brenden Borellini found a way! The deaf and blind Brenden Borellini is a photographer, who takes pride in his work, and rightly so. He takes advantage of the senses he does have, saying he ‘feels’ the camera, the landscape, and the prints to produce his sombre and stunning photographs of the environment.

This extraordinary ability earned him the Australian of the Year award in 1989, and his ingenuity continues to push photographers all over to create their best work possible.

Jessica May – CEO

In the tough world of business, Ms Jess May’s mission to give a helping hand to potential workers around Australia has earned her praise. Despite suffering from anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, this does not stop May form carrying out her role as the CEO of Enabled Employment – an enterprise run solely by people with disabilities to help others find employment and stay motivated in their search.

May knows first hand what it’s like facing discrimination both in the work place and when trying to find work. However, this challenge only drove May to help others like herself to power through and succeed. The hard work and determination in starting up Enabled Employment saw her awarded with the Telstra Start-Up Award in 2015. Image: Honour Roll Australian of the Year.


All in all, the strength, resilience and humility these people exude is incredible. If these true blue Aussies can achieve what they have done and continue to do, there’s no limit as to what we all can achieve. Here at the Back Clinic Bankstown we encourage you to ‘go on and get out there’, pave your own path and break down those barriers.


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