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Spinal Health Week in Bankstown

Let's Celebrate Spinal Health Week!

This week is National Spinal Health Week and here at The Back Clinic Bankstown we are very excited. Spinal Health Week, held officially between 23 - 29 May, is all about how you can improve your performance and back your inner athlete to achieve greatness. By taking care of your spine, you have a better chance of living a full life with reduced pain, improved posture and better performance.

With the Olympics just aroud the corner, we would like to use this week to remind you and the local Bankstown community that you don't need to be a professional athlete to achieve peak performance. Instead, anybody can back their inner athelete and take better care of their spine, their posture and their health. That's what we want for you and your family!

A good guide to help you achieve this is to remember something we call the '3 P's'. The 3 P's highlight how chiropractic can help you perform better and they are:

  • reduce Pain
  • improve Posture
  • activate Performance

spinal health week

Image: Chiropractor's Association of Australia


Are you ready to back yourself?

We believe in inner strength, in your bodies ability to heal itself and your right to live life in optimal health. Here at the Back Clinic Bankstown we encourage you to 'go on and get out there', to back yourself and perform at the top of your game.


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