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Pregnancy Chiropractor Sydney

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We have a particular interest in women’s health, pregnancy care and in helping our members to reach their health goals, allowing them to reach their full potential in life.

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Pregnancy Chiropractor Sydney

At The Back Clinic, we are a family-focussed chiropractic clinic whose mission is to serve the local community. We have many families under our care and offer a range of chiropractic services designed to support the health of each family member.

Dr. Alissar Ayouby (Chiropractor) leads the team and provides a range of chiropractic services to help you before, during and after pregnancy.

There are a lot of things a chiropractor can do for a pregnant woman. Some of the reasons that our members choose chiropractic during their pregnancy include addressing lower back pain, headaches, sciatica/nerve pain, neck and shoulder tension, and muscular tightness.


Pre and Post natal Care

Chiropractic care may help manage a range of musculoskeletal symptoms that affect you when pregnant. Chiropractic adjustments can be a great way to improve alignment after birth, as well as to improve core strength and stability.

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Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

Chiropractors may help with lower back pain experienced when pregnant

Did you know? Approximately 50% of women experience low back pain during pregnancy and up to 75% of women experience lower back pain during labour (Borggren). The body changes so much during this 9 month period especially around the hip and lower back area. Chiropractic care may help manage symptoms often associated with pregnancy pain (e.g. muscular tension, posture, back pain).

Chiropractic treatment is generally considered to be a safe and effective way of addressing musculoskeletal symptoms experienced during pregnancy, including lower back pain, hip pain, joint pain and more.


How does the body change during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body may undergo some rapid and significant changes which may put stress on your neuromusculoskeletal system. These changes may include:

  • exaggerated spinal curves
  • increased stress on the sacroiliac joints
  • curvature of the lower back, causing pain
  • stress on spinal discs and joints
  • pelvic hypermobility
  • imbalance of biomechanics
  • overstretched abdominal muscles
  • sciatica


Reviews and Case Studies

A literature review (Borggren) published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine reviewed 33 peer-viewed scientific articles on the topic of chiropractic care and pregnancy. The review noted that "the current literature reports favorable results on the use of chiropractic care throughout pregnancy."

A chiropractic and medical collaborative study (Shaw) published in the Journal of the American Chiropractic Association also found that chiropractic helped to relieve pain during pregnancy. Their study indicated that 75% of pregnant patients who received chiropractic care while pregnant found relief from pain.


Pregnancy Chiropractor: Why The Back Clinic?

Here at The Back Clinic, we are focused on providing the right care and advice in your case. We have a particular interest in women’s health, pregnancy care and in helping our members to reach their health goals, allowing them to reach their full potential in life.


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