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Dr Allan Van

Title: Chiropractor

University: Macquarie University

Focus: Sports and Rehabilitation

Personal: "I was on my way to becoming an Engineer before I injured my back from gym activities. The Chiropractor I saw resolved my injury, to my surprise, and taught me how the body heals and works, which inspired me enough to change my life's course and to become a Chiropractor myself.

My wife Cecilia and daughter Aileen now enjoy an active lifestyle without hinderances, because they're under regular chiropractic care.

My goal is to to improve the lives of other people and families through chiropractic health care just like my own family does."

Dr Shady Shafei

Title: Chiropractor

University: Macquarie University

Focus: Corrective Chiropractic, posture and musculoskeletal injury.

Personal: "I was a sufferer of ulcerative colitis before I went to see a Chiropractor for the first time. It is one of the most debilitating diseases affecting many Australians. I began receiving chiropractic care in 2004. Since that time my health improved dramatically, and all symptoms of ulcerative colitis have disappeared.

I know first hand how important health is and the devastating effects the lack of health can bring! So if you have a health concern you'd like checked, I would love to meet you!

I've devoted my life's work to helping others overcome their health challenges, just like I've overcome mine."

Dr Alissar Ayouby

Title: Chiropractor

University: Macquarie University

Focus: Women’s Health

Personal: "I have been under chiropractic care since I was a young teenager. It has been a major part of my life, as I understand the importance it makes to my health and mind. Growing up I have always been involved in sports and fitness and knew I wanted to do something in the health and fitness profession. I believe chiropractic and fitness go hand in hand. My main aim is to combine the two passions.

To motivate and educate the community, especially women, to reach their health goals allowing them to reach their full potential in life."

Dr Omar Ayouby

Title: Chiropractor

University: Macquarie University, Sydney University

Focus: Children’s Health and Radiology

Personal: "My wife Amanda and 3 daughters, Sara (3), Alesha (8) and Amani (10), get adjusted every monday and thursday 8am in clinic for optimal health. If you have questions regarding your children's health potential, please speak with Amanda, a mother of 3 healthy children.

I also manage Innate Radiology, a radiology reporting service for Chiropractors Australia wide when not being Dr Omar in Clinic."


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