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Dr Omar (Chiropractor) Fitness Videos

fitness videos


Check out my favourite short fitness videos below

My ultimate collection of gym and stretching videos - watch (or read the transcription) below.


Your One Minute Health Tip


Hey guys, welcome back this is Dr. Omar with your one minute health tip.

So, I want you guys to share this and send it out to your friends because I’m sure the information is going to benefit them and together we’re going to bring health back into our community.

Your one minute health tip today is, ‘fitness every day’. You’ve got to do a little bit every day.

So most days I start my day off with a morning walk. Just check out where I am, just look at that. I’m not in Thailand and I’m not in Bali. This is in our own neighbourhood, right here in Sydney in the Blue Mountains, just check that view out. Beautiful. We live in one of the best countries in the world, take advantage of it.

So your one minute to health tip today guys is, 'fitness daily'. 


Simple Ab Workout – Ab Wheel Plank

Today’s video is a simple workout, but first of all what I wanted to highlight was the importance of exercise. The importance of exercise is not big muscles, nor is it to lose 10kgs – 15kgs, the importance of exercise is not necessarily just to lose weight. The reason why we exercise is to change this (points to head) - mindset. It changes the brain chemistry, you want to free up your mind.

The ultimate goal of optimal health is to live an uninhibited life, to be free, that must first exist in the mind, so exercise supports that.

Core Strength Exercise Demonstration – Ab Wheel Plank


So I’m going to show you a very simple exercise. So for all you guys going to the gym, you want to build up your core strength, I’m going to show you how to use the ab wheel to build up your core strength and beautiful posture.

  • Start off like that (video demonstration) - power work out.
  • Don’t do this if you’ve got a bad back.
  • If you do something like that you’ve got to be under chiropractic care first, okay.


Back Strengthening – Situp Bench

Okay, so this is a back strengthening, lower back strengthening exercise. When you want to strengthen your lower back what you have actually got to think about is strengthening your core.

When we say core, it’s actually your abdominal muscles. So if you want to get stronger in the lower part, you’ve got to work out this part here, the front part, not the back part.


Demonstration of Situp Bench

  • So just watch the technique here of how we do the ab workout or core muscle strengthening workout.
  • (Demonstrating a crunch) so you work out these muscles here (points to abdominals).
  • It’s more of a crunch.
  • Remember to breath.


Simple Back Exercise to prevent ‘hunch back’ – Seated Reverse Fly

So I am going to show you a very simple gym ‘back exercise’ to correct posture. Now what we are going to do is target these muscle areas here (points to upper back and shoulders).

When these muscles areas (upper back and shoulders) are very weak, people tend to slump forward, they get rounded shoulders and then they get the hunch back.


Demonstration of the Seated Reverse Fly

  • So this is a very simple exercise, watch this (demonstration).
  • x10 repetitions of the seated reverse fly, on a machine, with vertical handles.
  • Repeat x3 times


Back Extension Workout

This is a back extension work out, strengthening your upper back area which causes, if your upper back muscles are very weakened, a hunch back.


Demonstration of back extension with dumbbells

  • So this is a very easy exercise that you can do at home and at the gym to help strengthen your upper and mid back.
  • (Take some light weights) - very light weights, maybe 3-5kgs maximum
  • All it is is simply bending and extending, and extending, with very light weights
  • (Omar demonstrating) Extend, extend, extend, extend, extend
  • Very easy, try to do about 10 – 12 reps, trying to achieve 3 – 4 sets of those for strengthening the upper back.



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