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Infographic: 5 Fun Facts About Your Spine

Did You Know These Facts?

"Your spine is your tree of life"

How many of these 5 facts about your spine do you know? The Back Clinic team put together this infographic and you are free to share it with your friends, family, local school and work place.



Spinal Facts Summary

  1. 24 moving parts: your spine is made up of a total of 33 vertebrae, yet several are fusued together. This gives you 24 moving parts.
  2. 7 neck vertebrae: you have 7 vertebrae in your neck. This is the same number of neck vertebrae as the giraffe, despite the length of it's long neck!
  3. First vertebra known as the 'atlas': do you remember the ancient Greek story about Atlas who carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders? That's where your first vertebra gets it name.
  4. Your spine protects your spinal cord: your nervous system extends from your brain, down the spine and branches out between holes in each vertebrae.
  5. Back pain is the most common problem affecting your spine. Up to 80% of the community will experience back pain at some point. This is an alarming statistic and highlights the need for chiropractic and related services.

Your back and spinal joints may make a popping or 'crack' sound during an adjustment, but rest assured this is just the release of pressure and gas from the joint. Find out more here.


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