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Dr Omar Ayouby - Chiropractor Bankstown

Dr Omar Ayouby (Chiropractor)

Title: Chiropractor

University: Macquarie University, Sydney University

Focus: Children’s Health and Radiology


From the age of 2 years until my late teens I struggled with weakened immunity and breathing difficulties, which meant I was constantly getting sick growing up. Throughout my upbringing I saw countless doctors and was prescribed multitudes of medications to treat my illness.

It was about the time I was in late high school I discovered Chiropractic and its ability to improve health and function in the human body without the use of drugs or surgery. Being very sick for most of my life at that point I had a real fascination in Chiropractic and its ability to heal the body. Before I graduated from high school I made the decision to become a health practitioner in Chiropractic. I went on to study 2 degrees at University, completing Diagnostic Radiography at Sydney Uni and Chiropractic at Macquarie Uni.

I currently manage Innate Radiology, a radiology reporting service for Chiropractors, allied health and medical professionals Australia wide. I also offer guidance to the operations of The Back Clinic.