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Chiropractor Treating Dystonia

Have you heard of Dystonia?

Dystonia is not as common as other conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. With Dystonia, the muscles involuntarily contract and spasm, making it hard to control normal movement and function. In extreme cases the muscle contractions may cause affected parts of the body to twist out of shape, resulting in health problems and disfigurement.

We want to share with you this video we recently watched. Here at The Back Clinic we believe community education plays a vital role in how we address many of the health complaints commonly experienced in life. This video provides a great opportunity to start a discussion on some of the lesser known conditions that many people don't know about.

The video shows an Australian chiropractor (Dr. Ian Rossborough Chiropractor) treating his patient for Dystonia. His patient suffered severe dystonia which forced his neck to permanently turn to the right.


Watch Now: Chiropractor Treats Dystonia


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