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Address: Shop 4/18 Market St, Rockdale 2216.


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Start chiropractic care today by requesting your X2 free visits by phoning the clinic, or by clicking the button below.


Phone: 02 9592 1282


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Before you visit any other chiropractor, please read this important information. 

Are you worried that going to a chiropractor will be expensive? 

Hi, I’m Doctor Alissar Ayouby (Chiropractor) from The Back Clinic. I’ve been a chiropractor for many years and offer you a wealth of experience and knowledge. I’ve helped many patients to overcome their musculoskeletal symptoms and to regain their health with chiropractic care.

Today, I want to share with you an affordable alternative to get you started with care. You can get started with chiropractic care today, and receive your first two visits, for $0. Terms and conditions apply.

Yes you read that right.


Start Chiropractic for $0

You see here at The Back Clinic, we believe in doing this differently. That is why we have removed our new patient consultation fees (they are set at $0) and made it free for you to come down and receive a thorough chiropractic assessment.

  • On your first free visit, we offer you a full chiropractic check-up and exam to determine if chiropractic care may benefit you. I want to find the cause of your pain, and correct it.
  • On your second free visit, you will receive my best recommendations for care, your diagnosis and your Report of Findings. Find out if chiropractic is right for you on this day.


Affordable Care Near Kogarah

Now, if you decide to follow through with any clinical recommendations, you only pay our affordable treatment fee. This way, you can make an informed decision about your health and the way forward. 

Take up our affordable approach to chiropractic care and contact The Back Clinic now.  Located near Kogarah.


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We look forward to meeting you and addressing your health concern.


Phone: 02 9592 1282


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