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Children and Chiropractic

Can Chiropractors help Children?

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children's chiropractor

In many cases, yes

Chiropractic may benefits children just as chiropractic benefits adults. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why chiropractic may help some children:

1) Chiropractic is about prevention.

2) We all want our kids to have great posture.

3) Some babies experience traumatic births.

4) Does your child complain of unusual back pain?

5) Slips, trips and fall.



Your New Member Consultation

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Our team at The Back Clinic Bankstown are happy to provide a child's checkup with our ‘getting started with chiropractic’ Consultation.

The Consultation:

  • A comprehensive chiropractic exam and consultation
  • A complete Report of Findings and Diagnosis on your second visit.

You only pay for treatment (chiropractic adjustments) if you decide you want to follow through with the Doctor’s recommendations.



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