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5 Tips to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

The seasons have changed, but have your eating habits caught up?

Those winter mornings

Winter can easily upset your usual health routine as colder mornings and darker days effectively slow you down. We tend to overindulge and forget about the importance of a wholefood diet during these wintery months. The world over, seasonal weight gain is a common issue and even though Australia has mild winters, we are no exception to this rule. Many people experience weight gains that yoyo throughout the year. When winter gives way to a balmier spring season, many people stress about weight gain and feel the desire to slim down for summer.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you avoid winter weight gain.


1) Just keep moving!

The temptation may be there to hit the snooze button and roll over to avoid getting up and facing cooler temperatures. Your exercise routine may look different during the icy winter months and that’s ok, as long as you continue to exercise on a regular basis. Regular exercise helps keep you in shape and increases circulation. This inturn keeps you warmer for longer, after an exercise session. Rather than placing a hold on all exercise, look to swap outdoor running and walks with heated indoor swimming or yoga. Try a group exercise class – there is nothing more motivating than training with a bunch of like-minded individuals who support and encourage each other. It may even be worth investing in a personal trainer during winter so you’re accountable to someone when your alarm goes off.


2) Eat smarter

It’s fine to eat differently during winter especially as the palette of seasonal fresh produce changes. Winter tends to see heavier foods such as root and tuber vegetables, red meat and whole grains plated up. These are energy dense foods so rather than eating ‘summer portions’, be mindful to reduce portion size in winter. Light, fresh salads in summer are great and we tend to eat a little more of these. Hearty, chunky stews and roast dinners in winter are delicious, just be mindful of how much you serve up.


3) Light your digestive fire

Winter food doesn’t need to be bland. You can work with a range of spices that are also easy to digest and good for your health. Try spiced porridge by adding cinnamon, ginger (check out our ginger infographic) and cardamom for breakfast. Fire up stews and casseroles with cayenne pepper, turmeric, fennel seeds and cumin. These spices help reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar and enhance digestion. Nothing beats hot lemon water and honey to warm your insides and boost digestion.


4) Sweat it all out

Sweating is one of the ways your body removing toxins and increases circulation. Why not visit your local infrared sauna or steam room for a relaxing sweat session. Saunas help reduce stress and purify your skin.


5) Drink up - water that is

It isn’t always easy to remember to drink water when it’s cold however it’s vital to keep fluids up throughout the day. Aim for 2L of water daily.  Sipping on herbal teas and warm water throughout the day helps keep you both hydrated and warm.


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